The Friends of Friendless Churches

I have been browsing the internet this afternoon, seeking out new churches and Cathedrals to put on my “to do and view” list when I next go travelling…and came across this very interesting little charity that I had not heard of before. I thought it may interest some of you followers too…and I am sure they could use more support! So here is the link…

The Friends of Friendless Churches campaigns for and rescues redundant historic churches threatened by demolition and decay. We now own over 40 former places of worship, half in England, half in Wales. We preserve these buildings intact for the local community and visitors to enjoy. Without us, all of these buildings would no longer be here, or open to the public. Maintaining and repairing our churches is a considerable financial challenge. We rely a great deal on the generosity of our members and on the willingness of groups of local ‘Friends’ to fundraise and to act as our eyes and ears. If you are interested in rescuing redundant churches we urge you to join us or you can buy our book.




3 thoughts on “The Friends of Friendless Churches

  1. Hello, I have been aware of this excellent charity since the 1990’s ~ I used to receive their informative newsletter but have not donated in a long while so think I was probably taken off the list. They are a very worthwhile organization and appears they do use their funds wisely and have helped quite a few wonderful , redundant churches. Good for more people to be made aware of them. I think it was their name that intrigued me right away~ I hate to think of any ‘friendless church let alone anything else being friendless!

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