Sorry For My Abscence

Hello there to you all, I have been absent for a while due to an unexpected diagnosis of cancer in May last year which concentrated all of my energy and time to get better following an operation in July and fantastic care from all the staff involved at Raigmore Hospital. The psychological effects took as much time as the physical effects to recover from I found; as my diagnosis came utterly out of the blue. Thankfully all is now well and I am beginning to pick up the threads of that which I deem most relevant and important to me to carry on with, and I have some new things I wish to explore too.  Re-evaluation is always a big part of the process in the cancer journey as I am sure many of you will know from personal experience and that is an opportunity to sit still and look at what pattern one wishes to weave with and from ones life from here on in. I re-started blogging on Living In The Monastery Without Walls a week or so ago and now my attention turns to Sacred Spaces; with a whole backlog of wonderful photos I took earlier last year. Just need to get them organised and up on the site…I suspect many of you know that feeling too! So I am back, and here is just a teaser of one of my favorites Pluscarden Abbey, very close to where I live.

Pluscarden 7

Pluscarden 17

Pluscarden 19

Pluscarden 27

Pluscarden 6


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