St Andrews Cathedral : Inverness

Shamefully I have lived in the Highlands for 10 years and never been to the local Inverness Cathedral. To be fair, most times I have to go to Inverness as it is a 40 minute drive, I tend to be going for a reason so that takes precedence. But I thought it was about time I rectified this and since Monday was a beautiful sunny day, I thought the day had arrived.

Just as I arrived at St Andrews Cathedral after being diverted since the roads were up…a funeral had just started! So I patiently waited with a coffee at the lovely Eden Court Theatre and Cinema which is very close and took some nice shots of the river Ness and Castle just up the river. Inverness translated actually means “on the Ness”. Because I took 89 photos, I shall be posting them in several posts…and trying to sort them out a bit! In this post I will post the external shots of the Cathedral, river it sits beside and Castle in the background.

St Andrews is a relatively new Cathedral, opening in the late 1860’s and is built in deep pink sandstone from Conon near Dingwall, with dressings of cream stone from Covesea near Elgin. It is unusual, in that in order to stand by the river, it is not orientated along the traditional east-west axis, the chancel points south. One of the Cathedrals main treasures is the Angel Font, the gift in 1871 of Colonel and Mrs Learmouth of Dean, which is near Edinburgh. It was copied by James Redfern from Thorvadsen’s kneeling angel font in Copenhagen.

Altogether it is a compact and pleasant little Cathedral, the font is outstandingly beautiful and the pulpit is very fine too. The pulpit is made from Caen stone [the same as Norwich Cathedral is constructed from] and Irish marble supported on granite columns from Abriachan. The screen was erected as a memorial to those members of the congregation who lost their lives in the 1st World War and was erected in 1923.

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