Dornoch Cathedral 2

I have this afternoon compiled a movie of my photographs of my local Cathedral, Dornoch Cathedral…with its fabulous stained glass. I have never seen such a profusion of stained glass in any one place before. The colour and vibrancy of this cathedral is magnificent. I have tried many times to get good photographs of it over the past 9 years…but one day earlier this year I managed to capture it…

Midnight mass here on Christmas Eve is magnificent.This is the Cathedral that Madonna and Guy Ritchie had their child christened in, as Guy was a local lad. There is a beautiful beach at Dornoch as well as the famous Royal Dornoch Golf Course. The Castle Hotel, originally the Bishops Palace built in 1400, and featured in my video still has the original Castle kitchen fire, a huge cosy feature to gather round in winter whilst the snow is falling outside and we have spent many happy peaceful hours on the leather sofas just relaxing in front of it with a hot chocolate…

Dornoch Cathedral is almost a twin of St Magnus Cathedral on the Orkney Isles mainland; which I have also visited. They are both small Cathedrals by English standards but built with love and packed full of treasures with an intimate welcoming atmosphere which can get lost in the larger British Cathedrals.


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