Gloucester Cathedral: St Andrews Chapel

I am not a great or professional photographer, but I do enjoy it. I photograph religious buildings, sacred spaces, stained glass and I love the contrasts between light and dark within cathedrals. Over the past few years I have photographed so much that resonates with me in terms of the sacred and I wish to share them in this blog. My first photographic offerings will be of Gloucester Cathedral. Here are some from St Andrew’s Chapel. It was redecorated during the Victorian era and the colour is vibrant and joyous. We tend to forget that in the days when they were built, virtually every square inch of these buildings were painted in this fashion, in rich vibrant colours. The idea was to overwhelm the senses, to teach from the pictures and the stained glass for a population who were largely illiterate and who lived in very dark confined homes. When they entered a Cathedral, it would have seemed as if they were indeed closer to heaven, in this sacred space that hit all their senses at once, sight, hearing, smell…



Gloucester Cathedral



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